Youth Ministry

The mission of our Youth Ministry Program is to make sure that every youth who walks through the doors of St. David’s is loved and accepted for who he/she is, is safe physically, spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically and has opportunities to grow closer to God. (Director of Youth Ministries:  Mary Howell)

The program encompasses Christian Formation, Youth Group, all-kid activities, and activities programed just for young adults.

Christian Formation (Lead:  Chris Holman)
Sunday school classes run during the school year.  Younger children are taught Bible stories and that what they learn is related to what we do in church.  Middle school students explore and discuss what it means to be a Christian and an Episcopalian.  High school students put their faith into action, often guiding younger students and taking the lead in youth activities in and out of the Church.

Youth Group (Leads:  Mary Howell)
This is the fun stuff, mixed in with some Christian Education and includes lock-ins, game nights, hockey games, parties, trips, retreats and diocesan events, etc.  This is primarily held for middle and high school students.

All-kid Activities
These activities include Vacation Bible School, and the Christmas Pageant.  We also program other activities when possible such as a Halloween party for those under middle school age.

Youth Advisory Group
The Youth Advisory Group, or YAG, is composed of adults and high school aged youth who are committed to our youth ministry. They are invited to participate by the Director of Youth Ministries.

Youth Ministry Documents
Youth Ministry Roles and Responsibilities

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