Outreach Ministries

The Outreach Ministry (Chair:  Larry Buening) reaches out to those outside the parish, bringing the love and grace of Christ to people in need and want.  It includes our community ministry, welcoming ministry, Let's Help, Doorstep, and the Servant Shop.

Community Ministry

Welcoming Ministry (Lead:  <Vacant>)
The Welcoming ministry greets every guest as someone who may be on a search to find a a place of love, of acceptance, of connection, and eventually, a place of worship.  These parish members are often the front line of a guest's encounter with the church!

Let's Help (Chair:  Diana Allen)
St. David's helps out at Let's Help monthly on the fourth Wednesday by preparing and serving lunch to those in need.  We are well known for the delicious home-made brownies served for dessert!

Doorstep (Coordinator:  Sharon Koepke)
St. David's has a long history of working with Doorstep, Inc.  We man their clothing room and food pantry, provide seasonal clothing, as well as provide various food items and/or supplies that rotate throughout the year.  More information on Doorstep can be found in the documents listed below.

Servant Shop (Heidi Crossland/Susan Hack)
The servant shop sells several hand-made items as well as items bought for resale and is open during certain services during the month.  All proceeds from The Servant Shop go towards St. David's Outreach efforts

Summer Lunch Program (Lead:  Vicki Buening)
A program where St. David's serves as a site for lunches while school is out with U.S.D. 501 as our sponsor.  We also provide activities and books for those children participating.

Rector's Pantry (Lead:  Rector)
The Rector's pantry provides food staples and other household necessities such as paper goods, diapers, etc. to those in need.  It is replenished by parish members on the fifth Sunday of months that have that Sunday.

Outreach documents:
Outreach Roles and Responsibilities
Welcoming Ministry Roles and Responsibilities
Doorstep Information

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